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Can You Die From a Broken Heart?

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Researchers have found that mourning the loss of a loved increases your chance of suffering from a fatal heart attack by 6-fold.  Giving proof that you can actually die from heartbreak.

A recent study showed that physical changes occur during the mourning process of the griever.  The significant loss of a loved one could lead to a higher risk of heart problems. These researchers found that the surviving spouse or loved one suffered with an increased heart rate, higher blood pressure levels, clotting problems and a weakening of the immune system.  All this can lead to an increase risk of a heart incident.

It is believed that a flood of the stress hormones are the culprit behind this condition and it seemed to be more prominent in women.  One good aspect was that these higher levels began to reduce after six months and were effectively gone by 2-years.

The loss of anyone close to you has a major effect on your physical and mental health.  If you are having difficulties dealing with the loss of a loved one, please seek professional help.  Many times they are able to give you the tools you need to begin your recovery.

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