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Anxiety Can Increase Stroke Risk

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It has been widely recognized that smoking and high blood pressure are known stroke risk indicators, but new studies may indicate that increased anxiety can also be a risk factor. Everyone experiences some sort of anxiety and in some cases anxiety can be good. Anxiety helps us to be alert of danger, improves our awareness, and for some people acts as a motivational tool.

But elevated or chronic anxiety can have negative physical and psychological effects. Anxiety is the most common mental health issue people face. Heighten anxiety can increase the release of stress hormones, elevate your heart rate and increase blood pressure and these factors over an extended period of time can increase your stroke risk.

Whether the related factors with elevated anxiety are the culprit or a direct relationship to anxiety itself is still to be determined, but chronic heighten anxiety has been evaluated as a significant factor for increased stroke risk.
Strokes are the third leading cause of death in adults. “FAST” actions can play a significant part in the impact of the stroke. Recognize the symptoms and get medical attention quickly.

Using the “FAST” acronym can help you remember these simple steps.
F – Face, look for sagging of the face on one-side. Ask the person to smile.
A – Arms, ask the person to try and raise both arms. Look for difficulty on one-side.
S – Speech, have the person speak a simple sentence like, “my name is _____”
T – Time, quick medical intervention can play a significant art in the severity of the stroke. Call 911 immediately.

Anxiety can be treated successfully. Seek medical attention if you feel overwhelmed with your daily responsibilities.

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