Are Cola’s Hurting Your Kidney’s?


Yes, according to a NIH study of 900 people who drank 2 or more colas on a daily basis. In another study of 3,000 women who consumed diet sodas, there were indications of significant kidney function decline.  On average each adult drinks up to 59 gallons of soft drinks per year.  When you consider a small soda at many fast foods establishments can actually be the equivalent to two cans of a soft drink.  You can see how it is easy to drink a substantial amount on a daily basis.

There is several associated risk factors with soft drinks such as hypertension, diabetes and kidney stones, more remarkably with individuals who consume the cola varieties.  Some experts believe that the ingredient phosphoric acid may be the main influence for these disturbing factors.  Some studies have also linked this ingredient to urinary changes that can promote kidney stones.  Another double whammy for women is cola has long been associated with the increased factor of lower bone density, which can lead to osteoporosis and bone fractures later in life.

Here are a few things you can do.  First, none of the studies showed risks associated with the consumption of just one cola drink per day.  Also begin drinking more water.  Water helps in flushing out your system of waste products. Fruit drinks and ice teas are other acceptable alternatives.

Lowering your consumption of colas and soft drinks on a daily basis, can significantly improve your living condition in the future.

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