Baby Blue


I can guess the color of your baby’s eyes without even looking at them. Their eyes are baby blue.

You inherit the color of your eyes from your parents. Melanin is a protein that produces the brown pigmentation for your hair, skin and eyes. This coloring protein has not been fully deposited into the baby’s eyes at birth and may take a while for it to fully develop.

As the melatonin increases with age and exposure to sunlight occurs, the color of their eyes will change. The more melanin the darker the eye color. So people with dark brown eyes have a lot of melanin in the iris and those with blue or green eyes will have less.

Your baby’s eye color can change several times. The most significant changes occur between the ages of six (6) months and nine (9) months. Your baby’s eye color will most likely become permanent by their first birthday. So enjoy those baby blues while you can.

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