Blended BLS CPR Certification $60.00

CPRescue – American Heart Association Authorized Training Center


CPRescue offers the American Heart Association’s Blended BLS CPR Training for Healthcare Providers. This is a certification class that combines the easy and convenience of on-line training with the verified certified instructor hands-on skills check-off. Many of you have taken CPR training several times and have a good working knowledge of the process and how to perform the skills. The American Heart Association now offers an easier method for you to re-certify your AHA BLS CPR Certification. On your own time schedule, you are able to take and complete the cognitive portion of the training on-line, then attend one of our skills check-off sessions to complete the training process and receive your certification card. Remember this is an American Heart Association course, so it’s recognized as a legitimate alternative and the certification card you receive look and function just as a card you would receive from taking a 5 hour training course.

You start by going to the American Heart Association website (see easy link below) where you sign-up for the on-line portion of the training. You can start and stop the training at your convenience. Most find it takes them about 1 hour or less to complete this portion. Once you pass this section of the course, you then print out your certificate of completion. You must bring this certificate with you to the skills check-off segment.

During the skills check-off, we have you demonstrate and perform the following skills:

*  How to check for responsiveness.
*  Opening the airway.
*  Giving rescue breaths (mouth to mouth).
*  Giving rescue breaths (w/ BVM).
*  Adult, Child and Infant CPR.
*  Two Man CPR.
*  Use of an AED.

This skills check-off (parts 2 & 3) takes approximately 1 hour or less to complete. At the completion of this skills check-off you will be presented your AHA BLS CPR certification card.


  1. Sign-up for the AHA on-line training.  Click this link:  AHA BLS CPR Certification.
  2. Select the “HeartCode BLS.”
  3. Complete the on-line course and print completion certificate.
  4. Call us to schedule an appointment for the skills check-off section (parts 2&3).


  • We charge $60.00 for the skills check-off
  • AHA charges $25.00 for the on-line training.  (this price is set by AHA and can change)
  • Your total costs for everything will be $85.00.  No additional items to buy.

If you have any additional questions, please call us at 1-888-313-2444 or email us at