Can Men Get Breast Cancer?


Even though it’s not as common as in women, men can develop breast cancer. Men have the same breast tissue as do women only that the tissue does not expand or develop  further during puberty. Though there is a smaller amount of breast tissue, this tissue is still susceptible to cancer.

It is very rare for a man under the age or 35 developing breast cancer, but the chances do increase with age. The symptoms for breast cancer in a man are similar to a woman. Look for a lump on the chest, bleeding of the nipples or abnormalities in the skin above the cancer.

Treatment for breast cancer in men are the same used for women and in some cases men respond better. The major issue for men is awareness that they can develop breast cancer and waiting too long before receiving treatment. This allows the cancer to spread to the lymph nodes and makes treatment and the possibility of surviving, much harder.

If you find any abnormalities or lumps on your chest, make an appointment with your physician.

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