Choking and Alone


If you begin to choke and there is nobody around to offer assistance, you can perform abdominal thrust upon yourself. Either by using your own fist to apply pressure in the same manner as the Heimlich maneuver or you can use an immobile object such as the back of a chair, side of a table or kitchen counter.

Using the Heimlich maneuver on yourself, make a fist with one hand and place the thumb side of the fist against your stomach, just above the bellybutton. The knuckles of your fist should be pointing upwards towards the sky. Clasp your fist with your other hand and forcefully thrust your fist inwards and upwards. This thrusting action creates pressure of the diaphragm, which compresses the lungs, forcing air out of the lungs quickly to dislodge the object stuck in the trachea or air-passage. Continue thrust until the object is relieved.

If you use an immobile object, position yourself in front of the chair or table, lean forward to create a 45 degree angle. Now drop yourself straight down forcefully, just above the bellybutton. Continue thrusting until the object is relieved.

For all thrusts begin with moderate force. If needed, increase the amount of force with each subsequent thrust until the object is relieved. You should be seen by a physician even if the object was dislodged. Though it is not common, internal injures have occurred. If any signs of shock begin to manifest, call 911 immediately.

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