Choosing the Right Public Restroom Stall


Choosing the right public restroom stall can have an impact on your health. Several studies have shown that each stall has different levels of contamination. Selecting the correct stall can make a difference.

The center stalls seem to be the worst. These stalls have more exposure to the floating droplets of water that are expelled during the flushing process. These droplets can carry germs, urine and feces which land on the toilet seat and handle.

Most people want some type of privacy and will bypass the first stall and select one that is further from the door. This means the end stalls receive more activity and create more opportunities for contamination. Now you can’t catch an STD from a toilet seat, but you can become ill by touching contaminated surfaces and then neglecting to wash your hands.

The best stall to choose is the one that is closest to the door or the first stall as you enter the restroom. This stall is usually used less and doesn’t receive as many of the floating contaminates. Another benefit, because of their frequency of use, is they usually have more available toilet paper.

In any event, always practice safe hygiene by washing your hands with soap and water after using the restroom. Use a paper towel when opening the restroom door, an when you’re finished, stand before you flush. When toilets are flushed, a fine mist of water containing contagious bacteria can spray upwards.

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