CPR Certification San Jose

Need a CPR training in San Jose?  Have a group of employees, teachers of childcare providers who need a CPR certification?  Need a BLS CPR Certification for work?

CPRescue offers CPR, First Aid and AED training classes for corporations, childcare facilities and hotels in the San Jose area.  We also provide CPR BLS for the Healthcare provider. All classes are performed on-site at the clients location, thus saving your staff time and expense in travel and transportation.  Our training classes come with a 2-year certification.  Check our home page for current discounts and specials.

CPR Training San Jose

CPRescue is an approved vendor by the California Department of EMSA to provide Pediatric CPR and First Aid training for Childcare.  Our classes meet and exceed state licensing guidelines for childcare CPR and First Aid training.  We can provide group training classes at your childcare facility.  We can provide group training classes at your childcare facility or you can attend one of our community training classes at the Palo Alto Community Childcare (PACCC) or the Santa Clara Parks and Recreation.

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First Aid Tip: Treating a Poisoning

Almost anything can become a poison if misused – aspirin, baby vitamins, and even certain spices. For example, too much salt could be deadly for a young baby. Many poisonings are easily prevented by teaching your children about poisons, locking toxic materials in high cabinets, keeping products in their original containers, etc. Some household products come in bottles or jars that look like food items and could be confusing to small children as well as adults.

If you or a loved one swallows poison, call the National Poison Help Hotline at 1-800-222-1222 (if you’re in the United States) and they will immediately transfer you to a regional poison control center for help.

Try to give them as much information as possible, such as what the victim ingested, about how much, any information on the label, etc. Do not induce vomiting, but if the victim does vomit, save it, along with any bottles or containers to give to EMS (Paramedics). Do not give them anything to eat or drink and do not attempt any type of treatment without the express advice the of poison control center.

If the poisoned victim is unconscious or becomes unconscious, call 911 immediately.