CPR Classes Oakland

CPRescue offers CPR, First Aid and AED certification classes to hotels, local corporations and childcare facilities in the Oakland area.  All classes are performed on-site at the clients location, thus saving your staff time and expense in travel and transportation.  Our training classes come with a 2-year certification.  Check our home page for current discounts and specials.

CPR Oakland

CPRescue is an approved vendor by the California Department of EMSA to provide Pediatric CPR and First Aid training for Childcare.  Our classes meet and exceed state licensing guidelines for childcare CPR and First Aid training.  We can provide group training classes at your childcare facility.

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First Aid Tip: Treating Bee Stings

Bee stings are common and easily treated, however, some people may be very allergic to bee stings and find themselves in a life-threatening situation after being stung.

Here’s how you can help. Check the sting and see if the bee’s stinger is still in the skin. If so, gently scrape the stinger away with the edge of a dull butter knife or the side of a credit card. A sac of venom may be attached to the stinger, so don’t pinch the stinger as this may squeeze more venom into the skin.
Minor bites and stings may turn red and have some pain and itching, but this is normal. You can wash the site with soap and water, remove jewelry in case of swelling, and apply an ice pack. Some people may have a severe allergic reaction which could affect their breathing and blood pressure, so monitor the bee sting victim for about 30 minutes after the sting to assess their ability to breathe properly.

Individuals who know that they are allergic to certain insects or foods or other items may carry an “epi pen” with them in case of an emergency. The epi pen contains a shot of epinephrine and is prescribed for them by their physician. You should use the epi pen only on the person it was prescribed for. Assisting a person with their injection can help reverse the bad reaction and could even save their life.

Always call 911 if the person exhibits any signs of breathing difficulty, or any time the epi pen was used.