CPR Classes San Francisco

CPRescue offers CPR, First Aid, BLS and AED training classes in the San Francisco Bay Area for local hotels, corporations and childcare facilities.  We also have BLS CPR training in the San Francisco area for healthcare providers. Our training classes come with a 2-year certification.  All classes are performed on-site at the clients location, thus saving your staff time and expense in travel and transportation.  Check our home page for current discounts and specials and call us to reserve a date for your staff’s training.

CPR San Francisco

CPRescue is a California certified small business and an approved vendor by the California Department of EMSA to provide Pediatric CPR and First Aid training for Childcare Providers in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our classes meet and exceed state licensing guidelines for childcare CPR and First Aid training.  We can provide group training classes at your childcare facility.


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First Aid Tip: Nosebleeds

Even nose bleeds can be controlled with “direct pressure.” If you, or your child, have a nose bleed: sit down, lean forward slightly, and pinch the “squishy” part of your nose. Hold the pressure for a few minutes, or until the bleeding stops. Don’t blow your nose afterwards, and don’t put Kleenex or other objects into the nostrils.

The sight of blood can be very disturbing for young people. A little bit of blood can look like a lot, especially if it gets mixed with other fluids (water, vomit, etc.), but the fact is that bleeding is quite easily controlled using the methods we talked about above.

Seek medical care immediately if the nose bleed lasts for more than 20 minutes or follows an accident, such as from a fall or an injury to the head, including a punch to the face that may have broken the nose.