CPR Training Sunnyvale

CPRescue offers CPR, First Aid, BLS and AED certification classes to local corporations, childcare facilities and hotels in the Sunnyvale area.  All classes are performed on-site at the clients location, thus saving your staff time and expense in travel and transportation.  Our training classes come with a 2-year certification.  Check our home page for current discounts and specials.

CPR Classes Sunnyvale

CPRescue is an approved vendor by the California Department of EMSA to provide Pediatric CPR and First Aid training for Childcare.  Our classes meet and exceed state licensing guidelines for childcare CPR and First Aid training.  We can provide group training classes at your childcare facility or you can attend one of our community training classes at the Palo Alto Community Childcare (PACCC)


First Aid Tip: Febrile Seizures

Newborns to the age of three may sometime experience febrile seizures which are usually associated with a high fever. Though scary to watch, especially if it’s your child, febrile seizures are not likely to be an indication that your child is epileptic. Most children will outgrow these types of seizures by the age of three. Always treat all seizures seriously and seek medical attention.