CPR Classes Irvine

CPRescue offers CPR, First Aid and AED certification classes to local corporations, childcare facilities and hotels in the Irvine area. All classes are performed on-site at the clients location, thus saving your staff time and expense in travel and transportation. Our CPR training classes come with a 2-year certification. Check our home page for current discounts and specials on our health an safety courses.

CPR Training Irvine

CPRescue is a California certified small business and an approved vendor by the California Department of EMSA to provide Pediatric CPR and First Aid training for Childcare Providers in the Orange County Area.  Our classes meet and exceed state licensing guidelines for childcare CPR and First Aid training.  We can provide group training classes at your childcare facility.

First Aid Tip: Knocked Out Permanant Teeth

If you or your child had a tooth knocked out, what would you do? Fortunately, teeth are strong and resilient so if you get to a dentist as fast as you can (ideally within the first 30 minutes) the tooth may be able to reattach just like new! Here’s what to do:

1. Stop any bleeding in the mouth by biting down gently on a piece of rolled up tissue or a cotton ball.

2. Handle the tooth carefully, by the crown (the part you would normally see) and don’t touch the root! If the tooth is dirty, rinse it gently with water and if possible, place it back into the socket and continue to bite down on that cotton ball.

3. If the victim is a young child and you’re afraid he/she might swallow the tooth if you put it back in the socket, take the tooth and place it in a cup with the child’s own spit, milk, or a sports drink (these liquids provide a protective environment for the tooth). Take the tooth with you and get the child to a dentist as soon as possible. Many teeth will be able to reattach!

There is no need to reattach baby teeth. If these are knocked out, be sure to control any bleeding and then place the tooth under the child’s pillow for the tooth fairy!