Debilitating Effects of MRSA


Is there a staph bacterium that is completely incurable? No, but a strain of staph emerged in hospitals that has shown resistance to broad-spectrum antibiotics. This strain could outwit all but the most powerful drugs. Many times if MRSA was not diagnosed early or treatment was delayed, the infection could become fatal. In fact, more people die from MRSA than from AIDS.

Staph is a common bacteria which about a third of the population carriers with no ill effects. Most of the time this bacteria is harmless, unless it enters the body through a cut or other wound. Even then it may only cause minor skin problems, but with older adults, young children and people with compromised immune systems, this infection can cause serious problems.

Be aware of the signs or symptoms. Many times MRSA will start out as a small pimple or boil, which can quickly turn into deep and painful abscesses. Immediately see a doctor for treatment. Ask to have any skin infections tested for MRSA before starting antibiotic therapy. Untreated staph could burrow deep into the body and infect bones, the bloodstream and even the heart muscle and lungs.

The best treatment for staph and MRSA strain is prevention. Do not share personnel items, such as towels, sheets, razors or linens. Keep all wounds covered with a sterile bandage until healed. Shower after all athletic events and wash your hands thoroughly several times a day. Careful hand washing is the best defense against all germs.

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