Does Age Make You More Susceptible To Alcohol Effects?


Unfortunately this is true and has an impact. The amount of alcohol you consumed while in your 20’s and could still function, can now put you under the table. As we age our bodies retain less water, making it harder for us to metabolize the alcohol. This slower rate of processing alcohol weakens our resistance. Which means the alcohol stays in our bodies for a longer period of time and gives us a higher blood alcohol percentage.

Alcohol can also make certain age-related health problems worse. High blood pressure, diabetes, liver ailments and memory problems can worsen when taking large amounts of alcohol. Typically we take more medications as we age, which increases the risk of an alcohol-drug interaction. These alcohol-drug interactions can cause confusion, instability while walking, nausea or other medical problems.

It’s best to realize as you age you won’t be able to drink as you did when you were younger, but it’s not all negative. The positive side is, it won’t cost you as much to get to that happy state. So let’s enjoy one of the few benefits of getting older.

Remember it is never safe to drink and drive!

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