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Most of us will travel by car to visit family and friends during this holiday, which increases the chances of auto accidents. Unfortunately the Holidays rank amongst the highest in death and injuries due to auto related incidents.

A recent study suggests that we spend approximately 46% of our time driving being distracted by other activities such as texting, making a call, eating or adjusting the radio. It’s suggested that each of these activities can divert our attention from the road for about 4.6 seconds. This is enough time to travel the full length of a football field at 55mph.

So if you have to drive during this Holiday Season, please follow these simply rules:
• Don’t drink and drive and if you do drink, have a designated driver.
• Give yourself extra time to get there. Hurrying or speeding can only increase your chance of a serious accident.
• Slow down when road conditions are not perfect. Remember rain and snow can greatly affect your ability to handle your vehicle.
• Don’t drive when you are tired. Consider stopping every two (2) hours, on long trips, to give yourself an alertness break.
• Make sure children are secure in a seat belt or an approved safety seat.
• Don’t text or read text when driving. Pull safely off the road to do so.

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