Dying From a Broken Heart


Dying from a broken heart is an actual medical condition. The loss of a loved one from death or the end of a romantic relationship, may lead many surviving partners to suffer from a heart attack or even death.

There is a specific heart condition called stress cardiomyopathy, also been known as the “broken heart syndrome”. Cardiologist began to notice their patients, who suffered from the loss of a loved one or spouse, began to show symptoms closely resembling a heart attack.

Further investigation found that during these stressful times, their body released a flood of chemicals, including adrenaline. This deluge of hormones and body chemicals can have an effect the heart and make it unable to pump blood properly. Left untreated, many patients developed heart failure.
Though the signs are very similar to a heart attack – chest discomfort, shortness of breath and sweating – the treatment for this condition is different. Research suggest that about 2% of people who seem to be having a heart attack, may in fact be suffering from broken heart syndrome. Among women the number is suggested to be even higher at around 5%.
Make sure to share how you are feeling with your doctor and any unusual symptoms you may be experiencing. With proper treatment, both medical and psychological, and lead to more pleasurable and productive life.

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