Pregnant Choking

Pressing on the stomach of a pregnant women can lead to damage or injury to the developing fetus. In this situation to protect the developing fetus we’ll use chest thrusts to dislodge the blocking object. This technique can also be used on obese individuals (where you can’t get around their stomach, but you may be able to get around their chest) or people in wheelchairs.

Position yourself behind the pregnant victim with one leg in between theirs. This creates a stable base for you to work. Place both of your arms underneath each the victim’s armpits. Make a fist with one hand and place your fist in the center of chest, right between the nipples or breasts. The knuckles of your fist should be in an upward position and pointing towards the sky.

Now deliver repeated chest thrust to the victim. These thrusts should be straight inward and done in a quick manner. Think of it like a giving the pregnant woman a quick and strong bear-hug. These thrust must be delivered sharply to compress the lungs and use the force of the trapped air to remove the stuck object. Continue thrust until the object is relieved or the victim becomes unconscious.

All victim’s should be seen by a physician even if the object was dislodged. Though it is not common, internal injuries can occur. If the victim refuses to seek medical attention, monitor their condition for the next several hours. If any signs of shock begin to develop, call 911 immediately.

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Choking When Pregnant