Giving Blood


Giving blood can save up to 4 lifes. Most of the time we think of blood being used or needed for emergencies, but it is also used for people with cancer, heart disease and sickle cell anemia. One person can donate one pint of blood which could be used to save up to 4 people. Anybody over the age of 17 and who weighs at least 110 pounds has the ability to give blood. Giving blood is easy and can give you a great feeling knowing you have potentially helped save several lives.

Before donating blood it is suggested you do the following:

  • Drink plenty of water and/or juices
  • Eat a good breakfast or lunch
  • Avoid eating exceptionally fat foods beforehand
  • Wear comfortable clothes for easy access to veins

Not only are you doing a good thing for others, you are also creating a few benefits for yourself. If your blood has a high viscosity, or resistance to flow, repeated blood donations may help the blood flow in a way that’s less damaging to the lining of the blood vessels and could result in fewer arterial blockages

Also, you’ll receive a free mini check-up. Before you give blood, you’ll first have to complete a quick physical that measures your temperature, pulse, blood pressure and hemoglobin levels. After your blood is collected, it’s sent off to a lab where it will undergo 13 different tests for infectious diseases, like HIV and West Nile virus. If anything comes back positive, you’ll be notified immediately.
So give the free gift of life which may help save a life of someone’s loved one, give blood.

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