Holidays and Heart Attacks


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Holiday Recipe for Heart Attacks

Study shows that December is the deadliest month for fatal heart attacks.  Researchers have found that the mortality rates were significantly higher in patients during the month of December, even though the care they received was of equally quality, as compared with any other month.

Unfortunately, they have not been able to determine the specifics why December is the most deadliest.  Many hypothesize certain behaviors and outside influences can have an impact, but nothing has been truly identified as a source or a contributing factor.  Nonetheless, taking prudent actions during this holiday season can improve your risk.  Consider the following suggestions:

Overeating – Our consumption of higher fatty foods, increased levels of alcohol and salt to our diet, can put extra stress upon our digestive and heart systems.  Enjoy these foods in moderation and try to balance your diet.

Pressure Deadlines – The extra pressure of work deadlines as well as shopping adventures for gifts can increase stress to the body.  Use stress reducing alternatives to help reduce your stress levels.

Medications – When traveling to friends and relatives, don’t forget to pack your medications.  This happens more times than not and people will generally go without their medication for several days.  Make sure to pack all medications as well as your physician’s phone number if you need him to call in an urgent RX for you when you are out of town.

Denial – Patients with symptoms of a heart attack in December are prone to attribute them to some other causes since how can it be a heart attack, it’s Christmas! Ignoring the symptoms and delaying medical attention leads the addition of more fatal outcomes.

Just because it is the holidays do not think you are immune to a heart attack.  If you have the symptoms of a heart attack, get medical help immediately!

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