Home First Aid eBook

Many accidents (preventable or otherwise) occur at or near your home. Would you know what to do if you sliced your finger with a sharp knife while cooking dinner for your family? Would you know how to care for a broken limb if the neighbor’s child fell out of a tree? If your co-worker began choking during the lunch break, could you help?

In most cases, professional emergency care is just a phone call away (EMTs, paramedics, the fire/police department, etc.), but while you’re waiting for help, would you know what to do? Of course, taking a CPR/First Aid course before any accidents occur would be a great idea. You would learn how to care for some common injuries/illnesses (burns, cuts, bee stings, allergic reactions, diabetic emergencies) as well as learning how to care for more serious situations (stroke, sudden cardiac arrest) that may require the use of CPR. Training would give you knowledge and confidence to help out in an emergency at home or nearby, and possibly help you save the life of a loved one, neighbor, or friend.



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