Is This the New AIDS for the US?


It’s estimated 300,000 people in the US have Chagas and over 8 million worldwide. Chagas is a tropical disease that is working its way up into the Northern Hemisphere. Currently over 20,000 people die each year from this disease.

The initial symptoms are similar to AIDS, chronic conditions that require prolonged and expensive treatments and can be transmitted from mother to infant or blood transfusions, but unlike HIV the most typical transmission process is through insects, particularly the Kissing Bug.

This insect is particularly attracted to the odors which humans release when they breathe and is the reason why most bites are in or around the mouth (hence the nickname). This bug enjoys being amorous during the evening and usually strikes during the night when you are sleeping.

Chagas disease comes from a parasite that lives inside the digestive tract of this insect. Never known as a conscientious lover, after having its way with you the Kissing Bug will urinate or defecate in or around the bite site. This allows the parasite access to enter into your body and can have life threatening consequences.

Victims of Chagas can develop enlarged hearts and intestines, which over time can rupture, fail or even burst, causing instant death. Some people can have a severe allergic reaction to the insects saliva. Even when diagnosed doctors are finding it hard to almost impossible to cure their patients. Since the medicine to treat those infected with Chagas is extremely toxic to human in the first place.

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