Kiss of Death


Can kissing your lover cause them serious harm? Believe it or not it can become a serious health issue.

Kissing has left some of us weak in the knees, but for this woman it almost cost her her life. In the heat of passion her lover began kissing and sucking on her neck. Commonly referred to as giving a “hickey”. The suction of his “love bit” caused bruising and physical trauma to her blood vessels. A small clot was formed and eventually ended up in her brain, causing her to have a minor stroke.

Having a blood clot develop and move to your brain from giving a hickey is rare, but oddly, injuries during the heat of passion are not all that rare. Strains, fractures, breaks and other injuries have occurred with the recipient delaying medical treatment due to embarrassment. Significant delays in receiving medical assistance can cause further or even permanent disabilities. Please seek immediate medical assistance for all injuries as soon as possible.

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