Want To Lose Weight? Eat More Chocolate.


A new government study shows that people who frequently consumed chocolate weighed less than those who indulged less often.  Some researchers are theorizing that the calories in chocolate are being offset by other ingredients that help boost metabolism, such as caffeine.  Chocolate contains a small amount of caffeine which can rev a person’s metabolism and increase the number of calories they burn even while at rest.

Nutritionists not involved in the study say they are not convinced that chocolate can help in the process of losing weight.  Some suggest that other factors must be playing a part, though in the study the researchers state that the chocolate eaters did not exercise more or engage in any other activities or behaviors compared to the non or less frequent chocolate eaters.

Dr. Katz, MD, MPH, director at the Yale Prevention Research Center, says that dark chocolate or a chocolate that contains at least 60% cocoa, is the best choice for the dieter.  Dark chocolate is bittersweet and the bitterness can help suppress a person’s appetite.  Also chocolate is high in fat which slows the digestion process and can make you feel less hungry.

Both the researchers and nutritionist agree that this is not an endorsement to go ahead and fully engage in consuming large amounts of chocolate.  Chocolate is full of fat and sugar and has a high calorie count, but a chocolate regiment of around 5 grams or the size of a Hershey’s Kiss, a day should be acceptable and help increase the rate of your metabolism.

So when the chocolate pangs occur during the day, you can now enjoy a small piece of chocolate without the guilty feelings, because in fact it may be helping you lose weight.

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