New Year’s Eve Safety Tips


New Year’s Eve is just a few days away. Thousands of people are making plans to celebrate the New Year at hotels, bars and restaurants. It’s important to take some cautionary steps to insure a safe celebration. The combination of high alcohol intake and relaxed inhibition can increase safety risks. Consider the following safety items while celebrating this New Year’s Eve.

Social Media
It’s fun sharing your latest experiences with family and friends. Realize though you are also telling many that you are not home and that your apartment or home is vacant. Most burglaries occur when people are not at home. Be careful what you decide to share and say on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media accounts.

If you plan on spending the night at a hotel, consider choosing a room above the 1st floor and lower than the 8th floor. Most hotel burglaries happen to rooms with easier access on the 1st floor. In case of a fire, most fire ladders can’t reach above the 7th floor. Remember to keep all doors and sliding doors closed and locked. Keep valuables locked in the hotel safe, especially when you are not in the room.

Accept only drinks you see the bartender pour and never leave your drink unattended. Drugs such as Rohypnol the “date-rape” drug can be easily placed in your drink within seconds. If you must leave your drink, place it in the security of a close friend (buddy) or better yet, finish it before going to the restroom or dance floor. If you find your drink has been left unattended, even for a very short period of time, discard it and get another.

Get Cash Ahead of Time
Many robberies occur at public ATMs. Mostly at night, but it can happen at any time. When in need of an ATM, always go with a group of friends. Be suspicious of people that are just hanging around with no specific purpose. If it seems unsafe, choose another ATM. Make sure to cover the keypad, with your other hand, as you input your pin number. Take out only enough cash you need for that evenings celebration. You can always get more, but you can’t replace what is lost or stolen.

Uber or Taxi
Either form of transportation has its risks, but a few things you should consider when using Uber. As with all new and growing companies, Uber has had its share of issues, from passengers getting injured and questions if the owners car insurance cover the passengers inside, to alleged rapes and assaults. With any form of hired transportation that is used late at night, you may want to adhere to the following suggestions. 1) Call a trusted friend and give them the make and model of the car and license plate number before entering the vehicle. 2) Stay of the phone with your friend and update them to your location frequently. 3) Any changes or deviations from your route, inquiry with the driver why they are heading that direction. If you’re not satisfied with the answer, immediately update your friend to your present location and have them call 911. This is not an attempt as a derogatory or poor review piece concerning Uber, just safety directions that can be used with any form of paid transportation.

Following these few safety tips may make it a safer and more enjoyable New Year’s celebration. CPRescue wishes everyone a Safe and Happy New Year!!!

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