No Antibiotics for Sinus Infections


A new study published in the Journal of American Medical Association suggests that antibiotics such as amoxicillin, do no better on improving symptoms for sinusitis when compared to a placebo.   In this trial, one group was treated with an antibiotics while the other controlled group were given a placebo.  Each were given a 10 day course, after the third day both groups showed the same amount of recovery.

Most sinus infections are caused by a virus and antibiotics can’t cure or are not beneficial in the recovery of a sinus infection due to a virus.  Some sinus infection are caused by  bacteria where antibiotics can have an impact on the recuperation of the patient.  Unfortunately it is hard to differentiate between a sinus infection due to a virus or if it is bacterial.

With the continuing growth of drug resistant germs, physicians will need to become more diligent in the distribution of antibiotics.  Which will be an issue with some side effects since most ill patients expect to receive antibiotics as part of their treatment when visiting a physician.  Education and reforms need to be taken before a new phase of germs that can devastate the population, develop and are resistant to the current drugs we have now.

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