Residential Wildfires


Fire Safety – California is in the midst of a serious drought. Homeowners are being encouraged or required to reduce watering of lawns and foliage around their homes. These dry conditions can lead to serious wildfires.

As the summer progresses and the temperatures rise, the chance of back or front yard wildfires will continue to increase. These fires can start small, but with more combustible materials, they can increase significantly within seconds, putting whole neighborhoods in danger. It is time to reduce the risks and prepare your home before a residential wildfire strikes.

Here are some things you can do now to make your home safer:

  • Meet with family members to decide on an action plan if a fire does occur. Identify safe locations away from the home and make them gathering or meeting places.
  • Remove dead bushes and trees.
  • Remove tree branches that extend over your roof.
  • Clean roofs and gutter of debris. They can ignite from floating embers from a fire several blocks away
  • Fire extinguishers are great to have, but do your family members know how to use them? Time to train those old enough, how to use them and also when to recognize the fire is too big to fight.
  • Clear away items that can burn, from direct contact around your home. Such as wood piles, lawn furniture, barbecues, tarps and coverings.
  • Have a garden hose that can reach any area around your home.
  • Remove any vines that are attached to a wall of the home.

By taking these actions you increase the safety of your home and those homes in your neighborhood. For more information, contact your local fire department or www.ready.gov/wildfires.

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