Risk of a Heart Attack During the Superbowl


Many Emergency Rooms are familiar with the Superbowl Syndrome. High emotional sporting has shown to increase the number of heart attacks. Watching sporting events that have a high emotional effect can increase the release of adrenaline into your body. This rush of adrenaline can have serious detrimental effects upon those of us with previous or undiagnosed heart problems.

Best thing you can do to try and minimize your heart attack risk is:

  1. Try to remain as calm as possible during the big game. Root for your team, but try and keep the emotional aspect down to a minimum.
  2. Refrain or greatly reduce the amount of cigarettes or cigars you would normally consume. Smoking causes reduced circulation by narrowing the blood vessels (arteries) and puts a greater stress on your cardiovascular system.
  3. Many Superbowl parties put out extensive spreads of high calorie foods. Try to avoid overeating especially on chips, dips or other unhealthy foods. Overeating will cause an additional burden upon your digestive tract.
  4. Try to moderate your consumption of alcohol. Enjoy a drink or two during the game but try not to over consume and never drink and drive.
  5. If you begin to show signs of a heart attack such as feeling a tightness or heaviness in your chest, difficulty in breathing or sweating uncontrollably, do not
    hesitate – call 911 immediately.

The key is moderation. You can still play an active part in the celebration of the Superbowl but try and not overdue it.

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