First Aid for Shock


First Aid for Shock  –  by CPRescue

Shock left untreated can lead to permanent organ damage or death. Shock is a lack of oxygen getting to our vital organs and body tissues, which means there is a lack of oxygen in our blood.

Shock is usually from the results of a trauma, heatstroke, spinal injury, blood loss, an allergic reaction, severe infection, poisoning or severe burns. A person in shock can be conscious or unconscious.

Signs of a person in shock are:

  • A cool and clammy feel of the skin.
  • Loss of color or pale/grayness of the face.
  • Blueness of the lips.
  • A weak and rapid pulse.
  • Possible nausea.
  • A delayed refill effect of the capillaries under your nail bed.

To treat shock, immediately call 911. Have the person lay down, this makes it easier on the heart to move blood around the body. Keep the victim warm by covering them with a blanket or coat. If in a hot environment, it would be best not to over heat, try and maintain a normal body temperature, by possibly shading the victim. If no signs of spinal of leg injuries exist, lift the legs of the victim about 8 to 10 inches. With no vital organ in your legs we will use gravity to force more of the oxygen depleted blood, into the core of the  body, where we do have vital organs. Continue to monitor the victims condition especially that they continue breathing until help arrives.

*Caution: DO NOT have a person lay down flat if they are experiencing signs or symptoms of a heart attack. It would be better to get them into a reclining position or a position the victim finds comfortable.

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