Springtime Safety Tips

Spring is here! Spring is a time of awakening and renewal. The sun is out more often, plants are blooming, and we begin to shed our winter coats and start spending more time outdoors enjoying the start of a new season.

As we begin to get more active, injuries like sprains and strains can occur as well as cuts and bruises. Do you know what types of injuries require stitches or a trip to the emergency room? You’ll find out in the coming pages.

As we toil in our springtime gardens, we might encounter some hostile creatures like Black Widow spiders and the nasty Brown Recluse! Their bites should be avoided, but would you know how to treat them if a bite occurred?

The blooms we plant in our gardens, though beautiful, might actually be hazardous if eaten by a curious cat or dog, or worse, an unattended child. And as pretty as the flowers may be, they can cause serious asthma, hay fever, or allergic reactions. Would you be able to help someone who was having a problem?
In springtime, we may be going through our own personal “renewal” by attempting to shed, not only our winter coats, but our winter weight. We start new diets and exercise programs. Did you know that chocolate might actually help you with your weight-loss goals?

Injuries and illnesses can occur anytime, so read on to learn how to protect your body and your health as you look forward to all the joys that springtime can bring!

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