Stroke in Infants and Children


Strokes in children is not as rare as we once thought.   As medical science advances, previously undiagnosed strokes suffered by children are now being identified and protocol’s are being developed to treat this condition.  The usual treatment for adults experiencing a stroke is the administrations of a drug called, tissue plasminogen activator (TPA).  Unfortunately this drug, in most cases, can be to strong for infants and children.

In newborns the first symptoms, are often seizures that involve the chaotic spasms of one arm or one leg.  For children, migraines, head trauma, dehydration and sickle cell are the common symptoms and risk factors.  The risk of stroke in children is greatest in the first year of life, particularly in the first two months.

Prevention in adults is in modifying behaviors and taking medication to prevent the first stroke.  For children, since it is more difficult to identify and prevent the first stroke, the primary prevention techniques are to prevent second or additional strokes.

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