Summer Safety Tips

Summer is here! It’s time to spend lazy days at the beach or flying off to sunny locales for family vacations, and swimming, swimming, and more swimming! Don’t forget to slather on a protective SPF every day even if you’re not at the beach or swimming pool.

Hot days a vigorous activities could lead to heat illness. Most cases can be cured easily but some can become life threatening. Know what to do.

What kid doesn’t want to be at the beach or pool on a hot summer day? As you might imagine, there are many dangers involved in water sports and activities. Swimming in the ocean can pose many hazards and children and adults alike should be taught respect for the water and be well-trained in swimming. Even at home, drowning dangers lurk. A small child can drown in just a few inches of water found at the bottom of a bucket left lying around. And if the worst happened, would you know how to help?

And maybe you haven’t been as active during the winter months as you would’ve liked. But you’ll make up for it now that the weather is warm and you can get outside and be more active. So it’s jogging, then tennis, then biking, and then boom! A heart attack! If your loved one suddenly collapsed, would you know what to do? Are you trained in CPR? Even if you’re not trained, there’s a lot you can do. And what you do can have a huge impact on the survival of your family member/friend/co-worker/neighbor.

Read on and see how you can be better prepared to avoid summer-related mishaps. With some general knowledge and maybe a little specialized training (CPR, first aid, etc.), you can relax and enjoy all the fun summer has to offer!