Top 10 Secrets for Emergency Room Visits


Though we never plan on going to the emergency room, but if we did, it would help to know the following:


  1. Try to avoid Mondays, they are the worst and busiest day.
  2. The busiest time during each day is 6pm.
  3. Best time to go, between 3am and 9am when traffic is slow.
  4. Vomiting will get you a room asap.
  5. Never lie to the RN, he/she can make your visit last forever.
  6. Don’t minimize your symptoms. They are evaluated and given a priority. Minimizing chest pain could make the difference of living or dying.
  7. If you haven’t had your child immunized, admit it. That’s important information for the doctors/nurses to have.
  8. Tell the doctors or nurses if you take any herbal treatments. Some side effects of these products, like turning your urine red, can cause you to suffer from a myriad of test and their expense.
  9. Save your complaints about your prior doctor(s). This will not endear you to these medical professionals. The more you say, the less they want to deal with you.
  10. Don’t be in a hurry. The average time spent in the emergency room is 2 hours, 40 minutes.
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