Which Seat is Safest on an Airplane?


Where you sit can make a difference in surviving an air-crash. Most airlines and aeronautic experts say there isn’t a difference but, Popular Mechanics did a study of air crashes from 1971 and found some interesting information.

It is recognized that there are two times during an air flight when more accidents occur. In fact, over 75% of all accidents occur either during the take-off or the landing of the aircraft. But don’t let this fact deter you from flying. The statistics show that flying, by commercial aircraft, is 22 times safer than driving a motor vehicle on US roadways.

The type of crash can also have an influence, but in general the seats located towards the rear of the airplane had the best survival rates! Additional studies show that sitting within 5 rows of an exist also improved your chances of survival.

First class passengers may be more comfortable than the rest of the passengers, but the front of the plane has the lowest survival rates in air-crashes.

Here is the breakdown on survival rates:
First Class 49%
Ahead of Wing 56%
Over Wing 56%
Rear Cabin 69%

When making your next flight reservation you may want to consider these items. Dealing with motion sickness? You may want to consider a seat over the wings. These have been deemed the most stable with the least movement, but if you are looking for safety, then selecting a seat towards the rear of the plane as your best bet.

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