Health Threats at Local Ballparks


Did you order a side of Salmonella? According to a recent ESPN report, several food concession vendors at major ballparks and arenas throughout the US, received at least one or more major health violations. Mold in ice machines at six stands at Miller Park in Milwaukee. A cockroach crawling over a soda dispenser in a private club at Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh. Food service workers repeatedly ignoring orders to wash their hands at a stand at Detroit’s Ford Field.

Improper food care or unsanitary conditions can lead to outbreaks of food-borne illness. Several health inspectors reported slime in the ice machines, food stored at unsafe temperatures and cockroaches in the soda dispensers.

Here is a listed of how our local facilities ranked, best to worst:

AT&T – 4% of vendors in violation
Inspectors found a few incidents of food being stored at improper temperatures.

Candlestick Park – 13% of vendors in violation
Lack of hot water for proper hand washing while handling food.

Oracle Arena – 19% of vendors in violation
Potato salad was left out at unsafe temperatures during game. Then put back in the refrigerator to be reused.

HP Pavilion – 20% of vendors in violation
Chinese chicken salad was warmed to an unsafe temperature. 20% above suggested levels.

Arco Arena – 25% of vendors in violation
Inspectors found shrimp pasta salad being served at an improper temperature.

McAfee Coliseum – 34% of vendors in violation
Several locations were found to lack or have inadequate hand washing stations for vendors who handled food.

Don’t let food poisoning be part of the price of admission. Each vendor must display their health inspection grade with the letter “A” being the best. Your best bet is to patronize these locations.

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  1. Mark says:

    What about the other venues? IE: SJ Muni Stadium (SJ Giants), Stanford Stadium and Maples Pavilion?, Cal Memorial & Haas Pavilion? SJS Spartan Stadium & Events Center? Leavey Center at SCU?, Memorial Gym at USF and McKeon at St. Mary’s?

    Give us the whole dirty truth…

    • mike says:

      Yes, Mark you are probably right that some these locations might also need to be on the list, but the information I came across only rated major league venues. I would hate to guess on the healthiness (if that’s a word) on any of these locations. Sometimes you’ll find that many of these smaller venues take great pride in keeping things clean and sanitary, whereas you may find the opposite true as well.

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